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ATE Telemetry for Aircraft and Helicopter Engineering Publié le 29/06/2020 No Comments

The ATE 12-40,16 bits 125 degrés wireless module is very compact and lightweight. It includes the conditioning for type K thermocouples or 12 and 40 extensometry gauges. Data is transmitted using frequency modulation (PCM) wireless. It is battery (3.6V) or 12/24V powered. Data can be recovered in analogue output format or CAN2B or USB3 format or IENA. Applications are multiple (distorsion or temperature measurement on transmission shafts, rotating machinery, in the automotive, aeronautical or industrial sectors).  

Atcom telemetry has been established in Canada since 2015 Publié le 01/01/2018 No Comments

Atcom telemetry has been established in Canada since 2015 Based in Montreal, the company supports local and international customers, looking for opportunities as well in the United States  

Certification AS/EN 9100 Publié le 05/02/2016 No Comments

AS/EN 9100 certification by SGS International certification services. Dedicated to the aerospace industry, this standard includes additional requirements such as a stringent First Article Inspection, process control and product traceability.

Measuring distortion on car wheel rims or tyres Publié le 08/04/2015 No Comments

A compact transmitter is used to monitor the distorsions of the wheel rim in driving conditions and in real time. The module conditions the sensors and transmits the data using FSK radio modulation. This module is powered by a rechargeable NimH high capacity battery. The data can be retrieved on output from the receiver in analogue format or using a digital link. » Discover the ATE wheel system

A new partnership with Citroen Racing Publié le 08/04/2015 No Comments

ATCOM TELEMETRIE is pleased to announce its official technical partnership with CITROEN RACING, the WTCC world champion (World touring Car Championship).  

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