ATE 6-ind (6 channel, induction powered module)


The ATE 6-ind module is highly compact (40x20x07mm) and lightweight (10g). It includes the conditioning for type K thermocouples. Data is transmitted using frequency modulation (PCM) or inductive loop. It is battery (3.6V) or induction powered. Data can be retrieved in analogue format or CAN2B or USB2 format. Its applications are multiples (distrosion or temperature measurement on transmission shafts, rotating machinery, the automotive, aeronautics or industrial sectors).

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  • 6 channel type K thermocouple input

  • battery powered, lithium battery powered or self powered  by induction

  • maximum temperature -40°C + 125°C (-20°C +85 °C for battery powered) 210 °C bespoke high temperature measurement option

  • maximum acceleration 10,000G (40,000 G option)

  • bandwidth up to 100 000 ech/s

  • size: 40X20X07 mm

  • gain and offset programmable by USB 2 ( soft PC ) or remotely using radio transmission

  • digital PCM radio transmission

  • IP65 anodised aluminium case

  • radio receiver output 0-5V analogue and USB 2 (CAN2B option available)

    There is also a bespoke broadband, high temperature (+200°C) line for all specific applications.

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